Veeam Backup

Provide automated management with flexible and optimized resources on demand, with multiple backup and security options.

10 reasons to choose VEEAM

Did you know, over 2,300 companies to 50,000 units in the last 12 months, have abandoned the traditional backup system for different applications at the enterprise?

* VEEAM compared with traditional backup tools, what’s the difference?

1RTO <15 minutes for all applications and data
2RPO <15 minutes for all applications and data
3Built for modern data center
4Backup and sync off-site simply
5Comprehensive integration with the disaster recovery model according to the cloud model
6Integrate with the superior technologies of new generation storage devices
7The 100% automatic recovery process is completely automated.
8Validate backed up data to minimize risks when applying to the real environment
9Active control (with the entire system)

Customers confirm VEEAM is superior to traditional backup method

96% agree

that Veeam’s resilience meets RTO service fulfillment requirements, compared with the 76% rating of traditional backup methods.

83% of customers

felt more confident when applying Veeam solution into the business.

71% of customers

said that Veeam gave them higher availability (HA) for the system.

84% said that

using Veeam Virtual Lab significantly saves deployment time.

71% of customers

said that their risk awareness is improved by using Veeam’s monitoring and reporting tools compared to other solutions.

Reduce 350% of deployment time

with Veeam, you can set up yourself within 15 minutes, compared to traditional backup tools, it takes you weeks.