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We are TeraBox

Since 2014, TeraBox has been not only a reliable partner in the technology field in Vietnam but also a trustworthy companion on the journey of development for businesses. With a team of experienced experts, we are committed to providing professional and attentive service experiences for each customer.

Why to choose TeraBox? 


Core Focus

TeraBox emphasizes quality over quantity of services. We concentrate all resources to deliver on our commitments to customers. 


Integrated Multi-layer Security

The service comes with integrated multi-layer protection for both in-transit data and Disk Encryption for data at rest. 

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VMware Hypervisor Utilization

The VMware virtualization platform helps customers easily design and build Disaster Recovery scenarios. It is compatible with customers' existing IT infrastructures. 


Enhanced Services

Weekly integrated vulnerability scanning services are available, allowing customers to proactively identify and plan responses. 

Our partners


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Pathway to Tech Era

Every business has its own story, and we believe that TeraBox's companionship will be the crucial key to help you overcome every challenge and achieve success.

We are committed to accompany

We not only provide modern technology solutions but also create a flexible support environment where creative ideas are welcomed and developed. At TeraBox, you will not only meet a service provider but also a teammate, accompanying you on the journey to success.

We are committed to developing together

We prioritize innovation and product improvement. Therefore, our technology services are always designed with a focus on performance, cost-effectiveness, and security, along with flexible scalability, ready to meet all needs and align with the long-term development roadmap of our customers.

We are TeraBox
Pathway to Tech Era

Established in 2014, TeraBox takes pride in being one of the leading technology companies specializing in providing modern technology solutions and services. Our team of experts, consisting of over 50 members, is committed to delivering excellent experiences, meticulous care, and professionalism to each customer. For us, the success of our customers is not just a goal but also the greatest source of pride and motivation for the development of TeraBox.


We focus on providing information technology solutions for businesses through quality products, always ensuring alignment with the goals and desires of our customers, to support businesses face all challenges and achieve the best results

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